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February 23, 2018

Millie (short for Millenium, which gives you a clue on how long she had been with us) was a special little girl, and was loved by many. She went from hiding from everyone as a youngster to official greeter, lap warmer and front desk supervisor as she got older. She found a special friend in our big orange boy, Johnnie, who she adored, and he patiently kept her warm and secure in her last years. There is a hole in our hearts left by a beautiful little soul, but we take comfort that she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, at peace at last.

-Docs and staff at Ford Vet

“I had chicken with my lunch today, and you weren’t there to beg a share…which you always got because you were so cute and persistent! Missing you Millie girl. Thanks for being our little friend for so long ?” -Linda

“RIP Millie-run free over the? bridge-you will be missed sweet girl.” -Dawn A.

“My boys Oliver and Romeo loved seeing Millie ♥RIP” -Dawn H.

“Thank you for being a good friend to all people and animals.” -Margaret R.